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How to keep employees’ know-how in-house when they leave the company? PXGroup has developed Colerain©, a digital solution for the preservation, formalization and transmission of know-how. 

When leaving the company, employees go away with their individual knowledge. This reduces the collective knowledge of the group and the competitive advantage that goes with it. Aware of this risk, the management of PXGroup has shared its concern with professors from the university of Haute École de Gestion Arc who were involved in the digital assessment of the Group.

As a result of the interactions between these participants, a project to develop a digital application dedicated to the preservation and transmission of know-how was born, involving three partners including PXGroup and HE-Arc. The Swiss agency for innovation promotion, Innosuisse, has recognized the innovative and unique nature of this project. Partial public funding made it possible to create a first Colearnis© version. This digital solution is now accessible to all employees of the group (subject to the rights granted). Colearnis© lists nearly 150 know-hows in most-secure servers protected by PXGroup employees.

Figure 1: Instruction for use of the Colearnis©

The Colearnis© tool lives thanks to and through the voluntary contributions of PXGroup employees. To promote its use, the role of management in all companies and at all hierarchical levels must evolve. This development requires leadership training and coaching given by professionals.

The Colearnis© digital solution will continue to evolve through a company currently being in creation. This new firm will develop and market the digital tool and will support future customers at home in the implementation of an action to preserve and transmit their own know-how.

The development of employees’ knowledge and skills is an integral part of PXGroup’s DNA. This is also a strategic goal line defined by the Board.