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New tool range for machining Grade 5 Titanium profiles

The annual demand for titanium has grown at a rate of 5% to 10% year-on-year for the past 25 years. As the next big thing, and an alternative to stainless steel which is becoming increasingly popular within industrial sectors, titanium is noted for its remarkable technical and mechanical characteristics. PX Precimet SA is specialised in the manufacture of a range of titanium alloy profiles. The combined know-how and synergies of Precimet SA and PX Tools SA has resulted in expansion of the range of Grade 5 titanium machining and cold rolling services. The new range of tools developed by PX Tools SA enables parts to be machined according to customer-specific needs and requirements.

Attractive industrial properties

The connection between time measurement and technologies developed by the aeronautics industry and between the medical industry and the energy sector is not an easy one to identify. So what do they all have in common? These industries all value the technical and mechanical characteristics found in Titanium. Its industrial properties in terms of corrosion and biocompatibility coupled with its mechanical properties (strength, ductility, fatigue, etc.) mean it can be used to build increasingly popular thin and lightweight parts. The characteristics of Grade 5 Titanium are of particular interest to industrial markets

Range of tools assisting the machinability of Grade 5 Titanium

Building on its heritage as a precision toolmaker spanning more than 6 decades teamed with its extensive experience working with a range of titanium alloys, PX Tools SA has developed a new range of cutting tools with latest-generation carbide grades, enabling it to offer machining services for grade 5 titanium profiles. The technical expertise of geometries and coatings is adapted to tool dimensions to facilitate titanium machinability:

  • Below Ø1mm: RV48 coating: good resistance to heat and oxidation.
  • Above Ø1mm: RV36 coating: cutting edges prepared with the aim of improving service life.

When combined with cutters, drill bits and tips, the PX TOOLS range of tools and adapted coatings offer efficient customised solutions for machining wide and shaped profiles in non-precious metals.

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