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PX Impact Gold: responsible sourcing plan at the heart of PX Precinox SA’s strategic sustainability actions

PX Precinox SA has been committed to sustainable development for many years. PX Precinox SA has been committed to sustainable development for many years. In addition to investments at all levels of the supply and production chain to reduce its carbon footprint, PX Precinox SA is also committed to guaranteed 100% mercury-free responsible gold which contributes to the implementation of social, health, educational, technical, economic and environmental projects for the benefit of artisanal mining communities via the PX IMPACT ®initiative.

An ecological, economic and social commitment

In view of the unequivocal impact of human activity on global warming, the sustainability of any organisation depends on its ability to incorporate considerations related to the carbon footprint generated by its added value chain into its strategy.

However, the issues at stake are not limited to environmental considerations; they also include social responsibility in a world full of inequality and the impact of daily activity on both health and society.

At PX Precinox SA, we are aware of the importance of incorporating our ecological and social responsibilities into our development and supply strategy, and have written this premise into our core missions.

Efficient ESG-compatible alternatives

PX Precinox SA guarantees complete traceability and segregation of gold recycling thanks to investments made to optimise the performance of its production apparatus and the many measures and methods implemented throughout the value chain. The company’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint combined with the PX IMPACT® initiative for responsible and ethical gold enable PX Precinox SA to offer its customers attractive ESG-compatible alternatives, as demonstrated in the report produced by its partner, Dynacor Gold.

PX IMPACT® : initiative for socially and environmentally responsible gold

Developed by PX Precinox SA, the PX IMPACT® initiative proposes socially and environmentally responsible gold. It embodies the group’s values in terms of its environmentally friendly and human-centred approach. Through this initiative, PX Precinox SA offers a forward-thinking “business for business” approach to customers and partners focused on the positive and sustainable impact on artisanal miners and their communities. It is structured around 3 proposals:

  1. Guaranteeing responsible gold: the partnership and collaboration with artisanal mines (ASMs) linked with the provision of resources, skills and know-how of PX Precinox SA and Dynacor Gold make it possible to implement mercury-free extraction processes, obtain greater available quantities, implement an economically viable bonus payment, and ensure traceability throughout the chain.
  1. 2) Contributing to sustainable and responsible impact: implementation of a PX IMPACT® fund to support and develop ASMs, improve the working conditions of miners and develop social, economic and environmental initiatives by taking concrete action at local level via the Fidamar Association. Collaboration with all stakeholders involved enables transparency free from intermediaries.
  1. 3) Building and developing a network of committed key partners: collaboration between small-miners’ organisations, the Dynacor Gold ore processing plant, the refiner PX Precinox SA and Impact customers enable framework conditions to be implemented ensuring responsible gold, segregated gold recycling flows, comprehensive traceability and tailored socio-economic support at local level.

PX Precinox SA is positioned as a key player in the refining and transformation of precious metals with measurable and transparent social, economic and environmental impacts thanks to its commitment and roll-out of actions concerning the management of sustainable development.

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