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Ethical gold

The PX IMPACT® initiative, a forefront and impact oriented approach “business for business”…

gold from Artisanal scale producers, guaranteed mercury-free extraction

volumes meeting industrial requirements

comprehensive traceability, from mine to products

PX IMPACT® premiums, the most attractive on the market, and fully invested in PX IMPACT® projects



A premium is taken from each kilo sold, to aid the PX IMPACT® fund. The amount varies, according to the annual quantities purchased, between 220 and 500 USD per kilo. 100 % of this premium is paid back into the fund, and reinvested locally in the mining communities.

The PX IMPACT® fund makes it possible to conduct health, educational, technical, economic or environmental projects in the mining communities with which Dynacor works. The robust and extensive procurement network makes it possible to identify the requirements of the mining communities and suggest projects to the not-for-profit organisation PX IMPACT®, which selects and manages them.


Nearly 400 ore producers, all registered and recognised by the Peruvian Government, supply the factory of our partner Dynacor in Chala, Peru, so that Dynacor extracts the gold to guarantee zero mercury content.

All artisanal ore producers must meet certain eligibility criteria to supply their ore to Dynacor.

Thanks to the excellent recovery rate of the processing plant and Dynacor’s solid reputation on the ore market, the miners are encouraged to stop processing their ores themselves using mercury. This substance has disastrous consequences for humans and the environment, which can no longer be tolerated.


Why not support the fund while also having fun? Here’s how. PX PRECINOX has created gold mini-ingots, available for sale. Besides their qualities as a gift, collectable or investment, they also aid the fund.

PX PRECINOX has developed PX IMPACT® mini-ingots,
available to order from
to support the PX IMPACT® fund.