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PX Précinox is at the origin of the group and the creation of its sister companies. Precious metals processing and refining has been its specialty since 1976.

PX Précinox offers a wide range of high-end semi-finished products: drawn and rolled profiles and wires, cut, stamped and machined components, and banking products such as ingots. All these products feature high-quality alloys and complex shapes perfectly mastered by the company’s staff, technicians and experts.

The company also offers waste treatment, refining and alloying services. All alloy production is carried out exclusively in-house, ensuring seamless traceability from one end of the chain to the other.

PX Précinox has been actively involved in sustainable development projects for many years. Concerned about the origin of its raw materials and their environmental and social impact, the company is committed to responsible precious metals sourcing and works daily to reduce its ecological footprint.

Our vision
“Be recognized as the independent refiner-finisher, responsible, transparent and ethically essential”.

Our mission
“To offer customers products made from a variety of sources, traced through strictly segregated flows.

The strengths of PX PRECINOX

Segregated flows

  • Available flows and labels of segregated precious metals
  • Ability to refine and produce semi-finished products in alloys composed of precious metals from specific sources
  • Ability to partner with mills to segregate the processing of their waste

PX Impact® responsible gold sources

  • Masters of traceability from sourcing to refining, complete ASM (Artisanal Small Scale Mining) gold supply chain
  • Great impact on mining communities and 100% mercury-free gold
  • PX Impact® label,Swiss EthicsAward2018, model recognized by industry players

Profiles and complex tubes

  • Expertise and mastery in the manufacture of shaped sections by cold forming and machining processes such as rolling, drawing and continuous milling
  • Standard profiles available without tooling costs from 1.5mm to 24mm
  • Customized profiles to meet specific customer requirements

Precious metal refining and recycling

  • PX Précinox has its own foundry
  • Autonomous in recycling industrial precious metal scrap
  • Refiner and affiliate member of LBMA, certified “FAIRMINED” and “SBGA” recognized worldwide
  • Commitment to responsible sourcing

PX PRECINOX products

Round and shaped tubes
Round and rectangular Wires
Strips and punched parts
Machined parts
Multi-metallic tubes and profiles

PX PRECINOX services

Recycling & refining
PX Impact® and segregated flows
Swors assayers

PX PRECINOX's fields of activity

Luxury: Watches, Jewelry and Leather Goods

PX Précinox supports its customers in the creation and design of semi-finished components for the luxury goods, watchmaking and jewelry industries. A guarantee of total traceability and a choice of different alloys are offered to customers seeking a controlled supply of precious metals for their semi-finished products. PX Précinox differentiates itself by its ability to refine and produce semi-finished products in alloys composed of precious metals from segregated fluxes or ASM (Artisanal Small Scale Mining) gold, thus offering controlled and responsible sourcing.

Thanks to its know-how and capacity for innovation, the products on offer are seductive and meet the standards and requirements of the luxury sector. PX Précinox offers a wide range of semi-finished products such as watch cases, bracelets, clasps, buckles, dials, hands and components for watch movements.

Industrial applications

PX Précinox serves the industry by supplying products with high electrical conductivity, excellent tribological properties, high corrosion resistance and mechanical properties in line with the expected functionality of the final components.

These products are available as wires, tubes, strips, bi-metallic or tri-metallic products.


Drawing on its experience and expertise in the development of alloys dedicated to medical applications for dentistry, PX Précinox markets and creates semi-finished products for this highly specialized field. They are characterized by high precision, purity and homogeneous alloys.

PX Précinox sets itself apart from the competition by offering its customers customized products in complex shapes, such as precision wires, marking rings and micro-tubes, particularly in platinum-iridium alloys.


For many years now, PX Group has been meeting a wide range of regulatory requirements in terms of Quality Management Systems, supply flows, total traceability and environmental aspects.

Each Group company is certified according to its particular field of activity, the products it manufactures and the services it offers.

PX Précinox is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified for its quality management system. The company is also an active member of recognized organizations such as the LMBA (London Bullion Market Association) and the SBGA (Swiss Bettergold Assosiation). Finally, it holds specific certifications for precious metals, including the Chain of Custody (CoC) and the Code of Practices (CoP) of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council).

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ISO 14001


ISO 9001



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