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PX Impact® and segregated flows

PX Impact® is PX Group’s own label, offering a forward-looking business-to-business approach focused on ecological and societal impact.

PX Précinox guarantees its own recycling, refining and finishing flows. The provenance and traceability of the precious metals we supply meet the needs of our customers who want to procure from specific, controlled origins.

The PX Impact® initiative encompasses:

  • Guaranteed “mercury-free” artisanal gold supply chain
  • Volumes to meet industry needs
  • Complete traceability from mine to finished product
  • PX Impact® premiums, the most attractive on the market, fully invested in PX Impact® projects

Our flows are:

  • PX Impact® ASM¹– PX Impact® standard, the company’s own label
  • RJC CoC – watchmaking & jewelry standard
  • Fairmined – ARM² standard
  • ASM SBGA – Swiss Better Gold sources
  • A, B, C customers – tailored to customer requirements
  • ASM Platinum – customer standard

¹ASM (Artisanal and Small-scale Mining)
²ARM (Alliance for Responsible Mining)


A premium is deducted from each kilo sold, which goes into the PX Impact® fund. Depending on the annual quantities purchased, the amount varies between 220 and 500 USD per kilo. The entire premium is paid into the fund and reinvested locally in mining communities.

The PX Impact® fund supports health, education, technical, economic and environmental projects in the mining communities with which Dynacor works. The company’s extensive and robust sourcing network enables it to identify the needs of mining communities and propose projects to the non-profit organization PX Impact®, which then selects and manages them.

Nearly 400 ore producers, all registered and recognized by the Peruvian government, supply our partner Dynacor’s plant in Chala, Peru, for the extraction of gold which is guaranteed mercury-free.

All artisanal ore producers must meet a certain number of eligibility criteria in order to supply their ores to Dynacor. Thanks to the processing plant’s excellent recovery rate and Dynacor’s solid reputation on the ore market, miners are encouraged to stop treating their own crops with mercury. The disastrous consequences for people and the environment are no longer tolerable.


Dynacor Gold Inc. is proving to be an ideal partner for PX Précinox in the field. The desire to improve the working conditions and efficiency of ore producers is shared, and the approach is designed to be sustainable, with an initiative developed by market players, for market players.

Dynacor is a gold and silver ore processing and mining exploration company that has been present in Peru through its subsidiaries since 1996. It conducts all its activities in compliance with the most rigorous ethical, environmental and social standards, in order to meet and even exceed Peruvian and international standards, based on four pillars: respect for the environment, compliance with health and safety requirements, encouragement of corporate social responsibility and implementation of community development projects.


PX Précinox, with the PX Impact® project, won the Swiss Ethics Prize 2018. This prize, awarded by the Vaud Canton Higher Institute for Engineering & Management, recognizes projects carried out by companies in the general field of ethics, particularly in the areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

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