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More than a group: PX Group

The ten companies in PX GROUP share more than their initials; they are the guarantee of strategic complementariness. Active in seven separate sectors, the group stands out for the diversification of its business and markets. And for the synergies it develops between its companies, in product creation, and through optimisation of its production sites. PX is more than a prefix – it is the hallmark of companies working together for success.

Our products and services

Precious metal

Recycling, refining, semi-finished products
in precious metal

Profiles / Tubes / Wires / Bars / Rought turning / Stamping / Machining

Non precious metal

Stainless, titanium, copper…

Profiles/ Tubes / Wires / Bars

Tool development

Standard and custom cutting tools


Alloys, resin, ceramic, brazing,
3D, Cad-Cam centres

Dental alloys / CAD-CAM centres

Other products

Components / 3D / metallic glasses


23 September 2022

Quality, time measurement and efficiency optimisation

The primary objective of any business is to satisfy the customer. Based on this premise, operational excellence makes the customer the core of all value chains, from the sourcing of…
23 September 2022

PX Tools: responding to the challenges of performance improvements

Optimising technical performance in machining is one of the major expectations of the Swiss industry. Faced with the constant evolution of techniques, adaptability and innovation are the two major challenges…
23 September 2022

Recycling and refining of precious metals: one of PX Précinox’s core strengths

Today, more than ever, the challenges of corporate responsibility do not stop at environmental considerations alone, but also encompass social responsibility in a world of inequalities and the impact of…

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