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PX Précimet ranks among the leaders in innovative manufacturing technologies and processes, recognized in its sector since 1976. Thanks to the high quality of its products, customers from industries as demanding as the luxury goods, medical and aerospace sectors seek its expertise in the shaping and production of special steels, nickel alloys and titanium components.

The company is an expert in its field, with the ability to manufacture complex profiles and tubes in a wide range of metals – with exceptional quality and precision in terms of geometry and surface finish. All these complex shapes are perfectly mastered by the company’s technicians and experts.

Our vision
“PX Précimet’s vision is to continue research and innovation, applying new ideas and technologies in sectors already served, but also in niche markets”.

Our mission
“Our mission is to deliver quality! We make quality visible, and it will always be our top priority!

The strengths of PX PRECIMET

Shaping complex grade 5 titanium sections

  • Alloy used in the aerospace, medical and high-end watchmaking industries
  • Biocompatible, unique appearance

Shaping nickel-free steel sections

  • Designed for the mid-range
  • Adapted tool geometries with PX Tools

Production of complex profiles

  • Continuity planning available with PX Précinox

Tubes of evolving shape

  • Medical applications

Swiss group with production site in Malaysia

  • As the only producer of precision tubes and sections in Europe with a sister company in Asia, it combines European innovation and development capabilities with Asian flexibility and responsiveness.
  • Close to the decision-making centers of our partner groups, ensuring technical expertise and product continuity thanks to the support of our certified laboratory.
  • Competitive group solution with production transfer to Swiss Profile for competitive industrial markets

PX PRECIMET products

Round and shaped tubes
Round bars and wires
Titanium profiles

PX PRECIMET's areas of activity

Watches and Leather Goods

Thanks to its know-how and capacity for innovation, but also to the high quality of its products, the company has been able to develop a network of reliable partners and build up its list of loyal customers in the watchmaking industry. While guaranteeing the required quality, the company is able to anticipate customer needs by assisting them in the creation and design of semi-finished components.

PX Précimet produces profiles and wires in simple and complex shapes for various subcontractors in the watchmaking industry – mainly for the manufacture of bracelets, buttons and pushers – but also for leather goods – for the manufacture of clasps.


Over the years, PX Précimet has specialized in the production of complex and special profile shapes, and also offers semi-finished products for the aerospace industry.

Profiles can be made of titanium, nickel-based superalloys, stainless steel or ferritic and martensitic steel. Laminating, drawing, milling and continuous machining are all perfectly mastered. These manufacturing processes are judiciously combined with the appropriate heat treatments to give the profiles the required geometries and mechanical properties.

Finally, our R&D department helps us develop specific materials and alloys, combining innovation and technology to give our customers total satisfaction.


PX Précimet markets and creates semi-finished products for this highly specialized field. The company works alongside manufacturers of medical devices and equipment who develop medical solutions that are both reliable and durable.

In this context, the company offers a range of products designed in close collaboration with its customers in the fields of endoscopy, biopsy, traumatology (prostheses, plates), orthodontics, respiratory assistance, hearing aids, dentistry and blood treatment. Tubes, profiles, billets, bars, components or small wires: all the know-how of PX Précimet is at the service of this medical technology industry.


For many years now, PX Group has been meeting a wide range of regulatory requirements in terms of Quality Management Systems, supply flows, total traceability and environmental aspects.

Each Group company is certified according to its particular field of activity, the products it manufactures and the services it offers.

PX Précimet is certified ISO 9001 and EN 9100 for its Quality Management System.

EN 9100

ISO 9001

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