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Our products

Cutting tools

From industry and watchmaking to the medical and dental sectors, PX Tools offers a comprehensive range of standard and high-end precision cutting tools, such as drills, crimping drills and end mills, available by catalog and online.

In addition to standard products, PX Tools is also able to design and offer customized cutting tools.

Standard tools

PX Tools offers a comprehensive range of high-end standard products.

  • Drills (micro twist drills, crimping drills, self-centering drills)
  • Spotting drills (NC spotting drills)
  • End mills (2 sizes, roughing, finishing, hemispherical)
  • Chamferers and etchers (bevelling and chamfering cutters, etching cutters, 8-operation CNC tools)
  • Threading tools (upsetting taps, thread-whirling cutters and thread-milling cutters)
  • Collets and accessories (TGSX/P collets, clamping nuts), milling arbors, collet holders, tool holders, etc.
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Customized tools

Thanks to its know-how and cutting-edge equipment, the company is able to design and offer cutting tools tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

  • Custom drills
  • Shaped milling cutters
  • Shaped cutters
  • Threading tools (thread whirlers, taps, thread milling cutters, etc.)
  • Inserts and blades
  • Wearing parts and punches (Torx, hexagonal, etc.)
  • Milling arbors, collet holders (HSK)
  • Tools for watchmaking
  • Tools for connectors