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Fields of activity

Transcending limits thanks to PX Group’s expertise

With over forty years’ expertise in metallurgy, PX Group has established itself as a preferred partner for a multitude of demanding sectors, offering top-quality semi-finished components and customized services tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Our range of skills spans a broad spectrum of industries, from watchmaking and luxury jewelry, where precision and aesthetics are vital, to cutting-edge fields such as medical and dental technology, which demand reliability and compliance. The aeronautics, banking, automotive and high-tech industries also benefit from our unique expertise, providing them with innovative, sustainable solutions that make all the difference.

At PX Group, we understand that each sector has its own challenges. That’s why we work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions that precisely meet their needs, while guaranteeing unrivalled quality and performance. Whether you’re looking for semi-finished components for a specific application, or need specialized technical assistance, PX Group is your ally of choice to transcend your expectations and take your projects to new heights of excellence.

Luxury: Watches, Jewelry and Leather Goods

Where luxury meets innovation

Shaping excellence and giving luxury an added lustre: this is what PX Group strives to embody through innovation and excellence, guiding its partners through the maze of creating exceptional semi-finished components.

Our subsidiaries, PX Précinox, PX Précimet and Swiss Profileare past masters in the art of meeting the extremely precise requirements of watchmaking, jewelry and leather goods, ensuring uncompromising quality. PX Tools stands out for its ability to constantly innovate, offering customized, durable cutting tools of unrivalled precision for working with the most complex materials. When you call on PX Group to make your highest aspirations a tangible reality, you are embarking into a world where perfection is not an ideal, but the norm.


Precision and know-how in the service of health

PX Group is shaping the future of the medical sector by fusing metallurgical expertise with technological advances. We offer semi-finished components, developed in consultation with our healthcare customers, that meet the highest standards of precision and reliability. From specialized profiles for orthopedics and traumatology to thin-walled tubes for endoscopy, as well as marking rings, electrodes and a variety of cutting tools, we offer precise, reliable solutions tailored to the specific requirements of medical and surgical practices. The strength of the PX Group lies in its ability to provide integral solutions, thanks to the synergy between our different companies, guaranteeing cutting-edge products and services. Opting for PX Group means joining forces with a pioneer determined to provide modern medicine with reliable and effective tools, thanks to customized solutions.

Precision industry

PX Group, exceptional precision and absolute mastery of metal processing

PX Group excels in the design and manufacture of components for the high-precision industry. The group offers technical products with complex profiles or extreme dimensional tolerances. PX Group also has recognized expertise in the processing of a wide range of metals, including stainless steel, nickel alloys, titanium, copper and brass.

The Group offers a wide and comprehensive range of semi-finished products, including tubes, profiles and standard or custom cutting tools, designed to meet a wide range of technical requirements. Our ability to innovate and adapt quickly to market developments makes us the partner of choice for companies seeking to source high-quality components and products. At PX Group, we are committed to adding an extra dimension to your projects, with customized solutions that combine durability, precision and performance.


Immediate take-off, heading for excellence

In the demanding world of aerospace and aeronautics, PX Group stands out for its unrivalled expertise in metal processing, providing innovative manufacturing alternatives. Our commitment to reliability, traceability and unrivalled precision is reflected in every customized profile and tube we offer, meeting the specific expectations of aircraft manufacturers and component suppliers in this sector. Our subsidiaries, PX Précimet, Swiss Profile andPX Toolsare synonymous with adaptability and compliance with rigorous industrial standards, while meeting the challenges of volume and quality. When you choose PX Group, you choose a partner capable of taking your ambitions to new horizons of excellence, by defining together the new standards of the aerospace industry.


On the right track with PX Group

Many applications require a system to be set in motion, whether rotary or linear, with variable angles and strokes and precise positioning. Linear motion is ensured by the combination of a drive element (pneumatic, hydraulic or electric) and a guide element (rail, linear bearing, shaft, slide). For over 20 years, Swiss Profile has offered a wide range of solutions for the most demanding manufacturers of linear motion systems in multiple applications.


A unique panel of innovative, exclusive and complementary products and solutions

PX Dental supports its customers and adapts its range of products and services to the requirements of Swiss legislation on precious metals.

Alloys, solders, resins, ceramics, milling machines and 3D printers are just some of the new technologies demanded by dental laboratories in particular.

All these products and services are complemented by customized advice, which is the added value of every interaction with PX Dental staff.