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Sworn assayers

Professional sworn assayers are bound by a license issued by the Federal Office of Customs and Border Protection (OFDF), and although hired by PX Précinox, they answer directly to the law and to the Central Bureau for Precious Metals Control. The laboratory thus guarantees the independence, impartiality and rigor of the results obtained.

Sworn assayers


Our ISO 17025-accredited sworn assayers certify industrial products based on gold, platinum, palladium or silver alloys. The certificates issued, recognized by the Precious Metals Control Bureau, ease the burden of hallmarking controls and taxes.

The sworn assayers also analyze castings with the same rigor, thereby guaranteeing correct valuation. LBMA¹ certified, our laboratory puts its skills to work for investment products and guarantees their purity. Regular quality audits by ISO, LBMA and the Central Bureau for Precious Metals Control validate our certifications and accreditations. Annual comparative interlaboratory tests ensure the high competence of our sworn assayers.

¹London Bullion Market


Our sworn assaying department can offer you the following analyses:

  • Gold by cupellation (accredited method)
  • Platinum and palladium by WDXRF¹ (accredited methods), ICP² & EDX³.
  • Silver by potentiometry or cupellation (accredited methods)
  • Impurities in fine metals (gold, platinum and palladium) by ICP, as well as under certain medical standards (e.g. platinum-iridium alloy under ASTM standard⁴)
  • Any type of product or waste containing precious metals from various sources (liquid, powder, jewelry, watchmaking, medical, electronics, mining, etc.).

¹WDXRF – Wavelength Dispersive Fluorescence Spectroscopy
²ICP – Inductively Coupled Plasma
³EDX – X-ray Energy Dispersion Spectroscopy
⁴ASTM – American technical equipment standards


Backed by a wealth of experience, and in partnership with the Chemistry and R&D departments, our extensive range of instruments (ICP, WDXRF, EDXRF¹, Microwave, AAS², cupola furnace & potentiometer) enables us to offer you a range of solutions tailored to your needs.

¹EDXRF – Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
²AAS – Atomic absorption spectroscopy

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