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R&D Laboratory

As the Laboratory can confirm, each material has its own character and specific mechanical, chemical and physical characteristics. The challenge: unlock the mysteries of the material.

This department offers its services to various Group companies, as well as to external customers.

Physico-chemical analysis of materials, metallographic characterizations

and corrosion tests

Composition analysis and material identification

Quantitative and semi-quantitative composition analysis.

    • X-ray fluorescence (EDX and WDX)
    • EDX analyses by electron microscope
    • Carbon — sulfur analyzer

Material characterization and testing

Mechanical testing, physical measurements and development of specific tests.

  • Tensile tests class 0.5, from 50N to 100kN
  • Vickers hardness (0.02 – 10 kg)
  • Linear and surface roughness measurement
  • Ferrite and residual permeability measurement
  • Density (gravimetric method)
  • Development and adaptation of analysis and testing methods


Observation of microstructures and phase analysis.

  • Complete metallography laboratory
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM) with EDX detector
  • Optical, digital and confocal microscopes

Corrosion testing

ASTM / ISO intergranular corrosion.

Expertise, consulting and training

  • Help in choosing materials and drawing up specifications
  • Fault analysis
  • Partnerships with complementary laboratories
  • Training in laboratory techniques

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