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The Group

About us


One group, the mission of PX in addition. The group currently numbers around ten companies, which are leaders in their respective fields of expertise. They are all committed to cross-disciplinary interaction within the group, contributing to its synergy.


Precious metals
Non-precious metals




Internal and external

Central services
R&D Technology

Values and mission

Like the companies that make up the group, PX’s values are entirely complementary. Creativity, innovation and commitment underpin everything the professionals at PX do, with the single goal of customer satisfaction. The group aims to position itself as a leader on its various markets, and in doing so continues to seek new commitments, expand its expertise and seize innovation opportunities. Then, and only then, can it meet clients’ every demand with unique, custom-built solutions. Which is exactly what PX GROUP is about.


A family business with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we ensure our (economic) performance as well as our durability by relying on our know-how, our agility and our creativity.


Our passion for our business drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves and act successfully. We work as a team with a spirit of trust, transparency and respect. The development of our employees is a priority.
Each employee contributes to the building of the company.


The sharing of information and experience, as well as the regular exchanges (also inter-company), allow us to constantly progress and feed the debates.


The satisfaction of our customers is at the center of our attention. We seek to anticipate their needs while offering innovative (added value) and competitive solutions. By providing a local service, we build a constructive partnership with them on a daily basis. Social, economic and environmental development is at the heart of our priorities.