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One group, the mission of PX in addition. The group currently numbers around ten companies, which are leaders in their respective fields of expertise. They are all committed to cross-disciplinary interaction within the group, contributing to its synergy.


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Values and mission

Like the companies that make up the group, PX’s values are entirely complementary. Creativity, innovation and commitment underpin everything the professionals at PX do, with the single goal of customer satisfaction. The group aims to position itself as a leader on its various markets, and in doing so continues to seek new commitments, expand its expertise and seize innovation opportunities. Then, and only then, can it meet clients’ every demand with unique, custom-built solutions. Which is exactly what PX GROUP is about.


The Group is able to pull off the feat of being creative both on its workbenches and in its philosophy. Indeed its positioning is completely original, not to say daring. In an economy where results are king, PX GROUP puts the individual front and centre, as well as their social needs. The management may be making up the rules for this new approach as it goes along, but its value far outweighs the sum of its definitions.


Innovation is at the core of the Group’s values and mission. Does that go without saying? We’re not so sure… we need to emphasise that PX brings together innovation and application. PX Chair and metallic glasses are two specific examples illustrating our firms’ commitment, and the lead that they have when it comes to invention and creativity… and disseminating the results onto the markets.


With a firm belief that it has a major role to play in corporate social responsibility, the Group makes solid commitments. The PX IMPACT® fund in particular finances training as well as micro-loans for small-scale artisans, thereby improving their working conditions and their community. More than a conviction, this is about a philosophy.