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Our Group

Who are we?

Located in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel, PX Group is a leader in the field of metallurgy, with ten companies to its name. Thanks to the know-how and expertise of its companies, the Group meets the needs of a wide range of business sectors, providing high-quality products and services. It is present in the industrial, medical, dental, aeronautical, banking, luxury goods, watchmaking, jewelry, automotive and other niche sectors.

Founded in 1976 by Pierre-Olivier Chave, the Group employs around 600 people in companies based mainly in Switzerland and Malaysia (Swiss Profile).

The Group’s activities are focused on the manufacture of semi-finished products such as profiles, tubes and rings, in both precious and non-precious metals, via rolling, drawing and punching operations. The group also offers hard metal machining solutions for shaped, standard and threading tools. Last but not least, one of the pillars of our expertise lies in our mastery of alloy production and our gold recycling and refining capabilities.

To constantly improve customer satisfaction, the Group funds its own research and development department to create new alloys and sustainable processes. The department also develops national and international partnerships, encouraging innovation and research.

Committed to human and environmental values, the company supports the development of alternative and renewable energies. Thanks to its PX Impact® label, the Group has developed its own responsible gold supply chain, guaranteeing not only the traceability of ethical gold – from extraction to processing in Switzerland – but also contributing to a real improvement in the living conditions of local mining communities. The Group is committed to responsible gold production and works on a daily basis to reduce its environmental footprint, by implementing measures to support artisanal mines in abandoning the use of mercury in their gold extraction.


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Central services
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Values and mission

PX Group’s values are just like the companies that make it up: complementary.
Competence, fulfilment and communication are the values embodied and supported by our employees, working towards a single goal: customer satisfaction.

Our mission includes promoting initiative and inter-company communication, enabling us to create real added value in the services and products we offer. Through our strong and inspiring corporate culture, our mission is also to bring our values to life and to ensure the fulfillment of our employees.


As a family-run business with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we ensure our performance and long-term viability by drawing on our know-how, agility and creativity.


Our passion for what we do drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves and achieve success. We work as a team in a spirit of trust, transparency and respect. Employee fulfillment is a priority.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all we do. We seek to anticipate their needs while, offering innovative and competitive solutions.
Through local service, we build constructive partnerships with our customers on a daily basis. Social, economic and environmental development are at the heart of our concerns.


Sharing information and experience, and exchanging feedback on a regular basis, enables us to make constant progress and fuel debate.