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Founded in 1976 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, PX Group is the number one in the field of metallurgy. The Group has ten companies to its name, with around six hundred employees split between the companies, which are based mainly in Switzerland and Malaysia (Swiss Profile). For two generations, PX Group has been the perfect representation of a family business. In the 2000s, founder and current Chairman Pierre-Olivier Chave passed the operational torch to his two sons, Philippe and Sylvain.

Through its strong and inspiring corporate culture, the Group’s mission is to uphold its family values and ensure the personal fulfillment of its employees, while reconciling economic and industrial challenges, both in Switzerland and internationally. This close, family-based management is a key aspect of the company’s management, mission and vision.

Every employee is an entrepreneur, making improvements in their work, actively collaborating with colleagues and applying their skills far beyond the job itself. At PX Group, we apply an “objective-based” management approach, which enables us to involve employees in the development of their work. This allows each individual to become more involved, and improve communication with their colleagues and superiors.


We look forward to receiving your full application, which should include :
cover letter, CV, copies of diplomas and work certificates.

For ecological reasons and to enable us to process your offer as quickly as possible, we invite you to send us your application by e-mail only:


Training is an essential investment in the future and sustainability of an organization.

Within the Group, we train apprentices in multiple fields, both technical and administrative. We also offer ongoing training, language training or any kind of specific training associated with the various professions carried out in our company. The concept can be applied to all sectors. The organization is dynamic, reflecting the need for versatility in our internal objectives and the requirements of the customers and markets we serve.

PX Group’s vision and values encourage motivated, committed and high-potential candidates. The selection process and the various interviews are there for you to demonstrate your desire, energy and motivation.

Applications are sorted by Human Resources and the various managers, according to the vacant position and the profile required.
Successful candidates are invited to an initial interview. This meeting will give you the opportunity to explain your reasons for applying. This will tell you a lot more about the Group, the various companies and the prevailing team spirit.
The second interview, if necessary, will enable us to get to know you better, to describe the job more precisely, and even to assess your knowledge of the field. It is also an opportunity for you to clear up any remaining doubts.
Some positions will require an interview with Group management or a day spent on our premises.

PX Group thanks you for your interest. Open positions can be viewed on our “JOB & CAREER” portal. Not found your dream job? You can e-mail us your unsolicited application to: