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Partnerships and research


Out of its passion for upholding its human and entrepreneurial values, PX GROUP has a strategy based on supporting several institutions in the fields of innovation, research and culture. A committed and responsible player, it is also behind an ethical project in collaboration with its partner Dynacor in Peru.


Within the context of their activities related to the PX Impact® project (responsible gold supply), PX Précinox SA and its partner Dynacor Group collaborate with FIDAMAR, an NGO based in Lima (Peru).

The projects implemented by FIDAMAR are all financed by the “PX Impact Fund” which receives the premiums from the sale of the gold, whose extraction process in Peru is managed by Dynacor Group and the final products, such as fine gold and semi-finished products in the different gold alloys, are elaborated and commercialized by PX Précinox SA in Switzerland.

Further information on FIDAMAR

FABLAB La Chaux-de-Fonds

PX GROUP is embarking on a partnership with the FabLab in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This opened its doors in September 2018 and welcomes your ideas and helps you in the realization of your projects.

But what is a FabLab?

Contraction of ‘Manufacturing Laboratory’, FabLabs are a worldwide network of local laboratories, united around a single code of conduct that frames the terms of a common operation. This network pools a set of resources allowing everyone to make almost anything they want and to spread knowledge, know-how and projects. For more information, we invite you to consult the FabLab code of conduct.

The FabLab of La Chaux-de-Fonds

Located in the heart of the Neuchâtel mountains, the FabLab La Chaux-de-Fonds is organized as an association and has a space of more than 200m2 in the city center. This FabLab offers, in addition to the basic elements that make up a FabLab, more “conventional” equipment such as a mechanical workshop and a workshop for woodworking. The premises have been designed so that the various projects can be carried out from A to Z in a pleasant way, both in terms of the diversity of the equipment and their layout.



A big player in the institutional field, CONINCO has in recent years built up strong skills in the field of sustainable investments. The aim of this collaboration is to promote the acquisition of PX IMPACT® precious metals by pension funds, private investors, family offices and financial intermediaries seeking responsible and traceable gold.

Further information on CONINCO Explorers in finance SA


« Companies can only hope to survive long-term in our line of business if they have a constant policy of innovation; academic training and ongoing links with universities keep up the vital contribution of new ideas. » In fact, it’s been almost an obsession with the Group’s President, Pierre-Olivier Chave; and in September 2013 his determination resulted in the founding of the PX Chair in Metallurgy, established in partnership with the Lausanne Polytechnic EPFL.

The private-public partnership between the PX Group and the Institut de MicroTechnique (IMT – part of the EPFL since 2007) has led to the setting up of this Chair in the Neuchâtel district. Its home is right in the Microcity building, and it has led to a considerable intensification of research in the fields of metallurgy and additive manufacture. There is applied research, too, studying the thermomechanical properties that offer pathways to stronger materials.

This is a collaboration for the long term: it can take five or even ten years to bear fruit. The PX Group’s R&D department, being in permanent contact with the holder of the PX Chair and his staff, gets the full benefit of some of this research and is able to apply it directly in the various fields of interest to the Group and its customers: watch-making, tool-making, medical devices and the automobile industry.