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PX Tools has been offering hard metal machining solutions for form, standard and threading tools since 1952. PX Tools, which has been part of the Group since 1990, adapts and responds to the specific needs of its customers, both in terms of the complexity and quality of its tools.

The company offers its services and products mainly to high-tech industries: watchmaking, jewelry, medical, aeronautics and high-precision industries. Our responsiveness and technical support enable us to produce complex and varied tools – features that are much appreciated by our customers.

PX Tools is active in sustainable development projects and works with its watchmaking and jewelry partners to recycle the raw materials used in its tools, such as carbide. In this way, the material can be reintroduced into the toolmaking process to follow a completely new life cycle.

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Our vision
“At PX Tools, our vision is to redefine excellence in the Swiss manufacture of form and standard cutting tools, combining innovation, precision and unrivalled quality in our local and international markets.”

Our mission
“PX Tools’ mission is to shape the future of machining solutions to meet diversified needs and drive performance as well as success for our partners in pursuit of total satisfaction.”


  • Collection system for used tools is organized directly from customers using returnable boxes
  • Improved carbon balance

Manufacture of recycled carbide tools

  • Recycled product with negative environmental and energy impact compared to a standard product

PX TOOLS products

Standard tools


Spotting drills
701S Drills


End mills
Double-taper chamfering tools
Corner radius end mills
Roughing end mills
701S end mills
Chamfering tools


1/2 engraving tools
1/2 engraving tool with radius
3/4 engraving tools


Boring tools
Burin externe


Thread mills
Whirling tools
Thread formers
Thread turning insert


Slitting saws


Milling arbors
Slitting saws
Clamping nut

PX TOOLS products

Shape tools


Step drills
Flat-bottom drills
Mèche plates étagées
Mèches à canon 1/2 lunes étagées


Fraises de forme
T-Slot cutters
Fraises tenon – Pivot
701S end mills
Corner radius end mills
Ball-nose end mills
Fraises scies de forme
Fraises entre-cornes de forme
Fraises entre-cornes à plaquettes
End mills 701S


Helical engraving tools
Special engraving tools


Plaquettes de forme Applitec
Plaquettes de forme Schwanog
Plaquettes de forme Cermet
Plaquettes de forme ISO


Thread mills
Drilling thread whirlers
Thread formers
Whirling tools
Thread turning insert

PX TOOLS fields of activity

Luxury: Watches, Jewelry and Leather Goods

Over the years, PX Tools has adapted to the demands and requirements of its customers in the luxury watch and jewellery sector. Over time, tools have adapted to production and machine evolution. Today, PX Tools continues to overcome challenges by adapting and responding to the new challenges of technical tooling on more complex materials, while retaining requirements such as tool quality, precision and durability.

PX Tools is active in sustainable development projects and works with its watchmaking and jewelry partners to recycle the raw materials used in its tools, such as carbide.


Thanks to its wide range of products, PX Tools has become a major player in the aerospace sector in recent years. This market has naturally grown at PX Tools, with the demand for reliable, high-performance tools in an industry that is continually seeking to improve its machining capabilities.


Since its inception, PX Tools has established a close relationship with its medical customers, providing technical input and advice to ensure the best machinability solution for the various projects entrusted to it by its partners in the medical sector. Its strengths lie in its ability to offer cutting tools for all materials, according to their specific requirements in the various grades of stainless steel, chromium alloys and, above all, titanium.

Titanium remains an advantage for PX Tools, thanks to the various machining solutions requested internally by the group.

Industrial applications

PX Tools meets the technical challenges of its industrial partners in Switzerland, as well as its international customers in the American, Asian and Eastern markets.

The diversity of its skills and know-how provide solutions for manufacturers and subcontractors in industries that expect technical solutions, quality and performance.


For many years now, PX Group has been meeting a wide range of regulatory requirements in terms of Quality Management Systems, supply flows, total traceability and environmental aspects.

Each Group company is certified according to its particular field of activity, the products it manufactures and the services it offers.

PX Tools is ISO 9001 certified for its Quality Management System.

ISO 9001

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