The Group



PX GROUP celebrated its 40th anniversary, a milestone that confirmed the development of both the group and its companies, and secured its activities for the future. The group's ten independent companies, which employ over five hundred people worldwide, are dedicated to the processing and transformation of metals as an industrial specialisation and a human skill.


PX PERUMET S.A.C set up in Lima. The company liaises quickly and directly with its different contacts and partners, and supervises mining operations. The group ensures that its ethical practices and standards of excellence are duly observed. Creation of PX SwissMet Sdn Bh, based in Malaysia and specialising in precious metals refining and gold trading. The company is recognised by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Anxious to actively promote sustainable and ethical practices in gold supply and production, the group launched PX IMPACT in partnership with Dynacor Gold Mines Inc.


The PX GROUP Board of Directors appointed Philippe Chave as CO-CEO and Sylvain Chave as CO-CEO business group. Founder Pierre-Olivier Chave was appointed Chairman of the group.


Compliancy with Good Delivery standards took the group into the gold trading market. The first one-kilo gold bar came off the production line at PX PRECINOX.


PX SERVICES SA established. The company engineers and produces state-of-the-art, ultra-competitive machinery. Each project is designed, developed and managed in-house.


PX GROUP completed its Tools business with the takeover of XACTFORM SA (established 1992), a threading tools manufacturer specialising in machine threading whose main market is the United States.


Philippe Chave, Pierre-Olivier Chave's eldest son, took over at the head of the Malaysian subsidiary, SWISS PROFILE (M) Sdn Bhd.


Creation of PX DENTAL SA, a leader in dental alloys. This small paramedical unit exploits the group's values and industrial talent outside the traditional metallurgy sector.


As part of its diversification strategy, PX GROUP opened a subsidiary, SWISS PROFILE (M) Sdn Bhd, in Penang, Malaysia, to manufacture semi-finished products. Sylvain Chave, Pierre-Olivier Chave's younger son, took charge of production.


Takeover by PX GROUP of Marc Sandoz SA (established 1952), which manufactures and markets precision tools and diamond grinding wheels. This added the final link in a chain in which semi-finished products are supplied for machining by the client. The company, under its new name PX TOOLS SA, specialises in the manufacture of hard metal tools.


Creation of PX Holding SA (later PX GROUP SA) to oversee the group's constituent companies.


Precious and non-precious metals businesses were separated and a new company, PX PRECIMET SA, set up for non-precious metals, for optimal efficiency and results.


Pierre-Olivier Chave established PX PRECINOX SA in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Specialising in semi-finished metal products, it was the first company in what would seven years later become PX GROUP.