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PX Dental markets precious metal alloys produced within the group by PX Précinox to dentists and specialized laboratories. These alloys are manufactured by PX Précinox, which can boast over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of precious metal-based products. This complete range, which meets the strictest Swiss quality standards, is produced, analyzed and inspected thanks to a unique synergy within the Group.

The contents of the technical data sheets are indicative. Please contact us for the basic data.

Attachments & Alloys

Gold-rich metal-ceramic alloys
PX Premium Bio CE_PX_Premium_Bio.pdf PremBio_Cor.pdf
PX Premium PF CE_PXPremiumPF.pdf Premium_PF.pdf
PX Premium Yellow CE_PX_Premium_Yellow.pdf PXPremiumYellow.pdf
PX Premium S CE_PXPremiumS.pdf PremiumS.pdf
PX Premium Ideal CE_PXPremiumIdeal.pdf PremiumIdealME.pdf
PX Premium E CE_PXPremiumE.pdf PremiumE.pdf
PX Premium C CE_PXPremiumC.pdf PremiumC_ME.pdf
Pd-based ceramo-metallic alloys with medium gold content
PX Bond SF CE_PXBondSF.pdf BondSF.pdf
PX Bond CE_PXBond.pdf Bond.pdf
PX Bondaloy CE_PXBondaloy.pdf Bondaloy.pdf
PX Bond Budget CE_PXBondBudget.pdf Bond_Budget.pdf
PX Extrapall 6 CE_PXExtrapall6.pdf Extrapall_6.pdf
PX Extrapall 2 CE_PX_Extrapall_2.pdf Extrapall_2.pdf
PX Ecopal CE_PX_Ecopal.pdf Ecopal.pdf
PX Palfit CE_PX_PalFit.pdf Palfit.pdf
Universal alloys
PX Bio Gold LF CE_PXBioGoldLF.pdf BioGoldLF.pdf
PX Gold Supra CE_PXGoldSupra.pdf GoldSupra.pdf
PX Gold Plus CE_PX_Gold_Plus.pdf GoldPlus.pdf
PX Gold LF Star + CE_PXGoldLFStar+.pdf GoldLFStar+.pdf
PX Gold LF Eco CE_PXGoldLFEco.pdf GoldLF_ECO.pdf
Conventional alloys
PX Gold 72 PF CE_PX_Gold_72PF.pdf Gold72PF.pdf
PX Gold 68 CE_PXGold68.pdf Gold68.pdf
PX Gold 63 CE_PXGold63.pdf Gold63.pdf
PX Gold 51 CE_PXGold51.pdf Gold51.pdf
PXEcocast G3 CE_PXEcocastG3.pdf Ecocast_G3.pdf
PX Ecocast 2 CE_PX_Ecocast2.pdf Ecocast_2.pdf
PX Presold 1100 CE-PXPresold1100.pdf Presold1100.pdf
PX Presold 1110 CE_PX_Presold_1110.pdf Presold1110.pdf
PX Postsold 800 CE_Postsold800.pdf PostSold800.pdf
PX Sold LF 880 CE_PX_Sold_LF_880.pdf SoldLF880.pdf
PX Sold LF 950 CE_PXSoldLF950.pdf SoldLF950.pdf
PX Sold 830 CE_PXSold830.pdf Sold830.pdf
PX Sold 780 CE-PXSold780.pdf Sold780.pdf
PX Sold 740 CE-PXSold740.pdf Sold740.pdf
PX Sold 700 CE_PXSold700.pdf Sold700.pdf
PX Sold 890 NP CE_PXSold890NP.pdf Sold890NP.pdf
PX Sold 940 CE_PXSold940.pdf Sold940.pdf


Precious alloys for wires and attachments
PX Supracast CE-PX Supracast.pdf
PX unifil CE-PXUnifil.pdf
PX Novostar CE-PXNovostar
PX PtIr 20% CE-PX PtIr20
PX PtIr 15% CE-PX PtI15


Sfera System CE_PX_Sfera.pdf PX IFU Sfera.pdf
Ecco System CE_PX_Ecco.pdf PX IFU Ecco.pdf
Tima System CE_PX_Tima.pdf PX IFU TIMA.pdf
Mooser posts CE_PX_Mooser.pdf PX IFU Mooser.pdf
Cylinco posts CE_PX_Cylinco.pdf PX IFU Cylinco.pdf
GP-Ball CE_PX_GP_BALL.pdf PX IFU GP Ball.pdf
Mini NPG System CE_PX_MINI_NGP.pdf PX IFU Mini NGP.pdf
Micro / Macro / Rondo Bars CE_PX_Micro_Macro_rondo.pdf PX IFU Micro Bars.pdf