Metallic glasses

PX GROUP, through its R&D division, is working to develop applications for metallic glasses based on demand, and to implement industrial component manufacturing.

Metallic glasses are amorphous (non-crystalline) metals which provide exceptional properties compared with conventional metals.



  • High mechanical resistance
  • Greater resistance to wear, scratching and corrosion
  • Exceptional elasticity
  • Shape as easily as plastic
  • Enable more complex, smaller, thinner objects with better resolution


The absence of industrial production and a lack of suitable shaping technologies are currently obstacles to the development of metallic glass components. PX GROUP and SUPERCOOL METALS have responded by joining forces to propose a global range of amorphous metal solutions.


A start-up by Yale Professor Jan Schroers, one of the most accomplished scientists in the field.

The company, which specialises in thermoplastic forming of metallic glasses, already holds numerous patents.

It is at the cutting edge of shaping technologies for metallic glasses, and can produce complex forms by blow-moulding or thermoforming.


Thanks to this partnership, PX GROUP can propose a state-of-the-art material for micro-components and complex external parts for watches.

  • Palladium-based metallic glass: for components that emphasise resistance to alteration (corrosion, scratching, etc.) and aesthetic.
  • Zirconium-based metallic glass: for functional applications that require good mechanical resistance and elasticity (springs, elastic attachment mechanisms, etc.).
  • Iron-based metallic glass (magnetic alloy): for applications that need good resistance to wear and a high level of hardness (approx. 950 HV). In partnership with a specialist in metal injection.