Research & development

Chemists, physicists, other scientists and materials experts are engaged day in, day out in designing alloys and the corresponding processes for shaping them. The R&D department is at the heart of the group, advising customers and liaising between them and the various PX departments; it also carries out commissioned research jointly with academic institutions.

The engineering department conceives, designs and creates equipment for in-house use. Its aim is simple, yet ambitious: to invent what no-one else has – and then to make it a reality. Another aim is to take what exists and make it better. That way, performance is enhanced ten-fold, achievements are totally relevant to the business, and the group can be sure of extracting the greatest possible synergies.



New and special alloys, feasibility studies, expertise, consulting, training, technology evaluation and drafting specifications… the R&D division offers analysis and consulting competencies.


  • Assistance in choosing materials and technologies
  • Development and study special alloys
  • Drafting of specifications
  • Evaluation of  technologies


  • Steels, titanium, special alloys
  • Precious and copper-based metals
  • Biomaterials and dental alloys
  • Powders, granules


  • Vacuum or controlled atmosphere induction melting units
  • Arc melter
  • Differential pressure casting unit
  • Heat treatment and sintering furnaces
  • Gas atomizer



The R&D division is tasked with developing applications for bulk metallic glasses. Solutions are proposed prior to setting up industrial component manufacturing.



Study of all forms of corrosion, pre-evaluation of biocompatibility, substance release analysis, procedures development, chemical substances regulations: the division has the necessary expertise to perform laboratory tests and analyses, and to inform and advise on scientific questions, technology and standards.


  • Corrosion testing: generalised, pitting, crevice, inter-granular, under stress, galvanic and cyclic immersion to international specifications (e.g. ASTM G5-87, G78-89 ASTM G 48-85 ASTM A262, ASTM G71-81)
  • Tarnish test
  • Tested materials: stainless steels, precious metals, medical alloys, etc.


  • Test de relargage et migration d’éléments (EN 1811, EN 71-3)
  • Analyse des traces et des métaux lourds dans un alliage

Chemincal procedures

  • Stripping and degreasing, separation of metals, etc.


  • REACH, ROHS, CLP or other international regulations on request


  • Potentiostat, impedance generator, rotating electrode
  • Micro-electrode for localised measures (0.25 mm diameter)
  • Nielson-Tuccillo set-up for cyclic immersion
  • PDV 6000+ heavy metal analyser
  • Ion and organic compounds extraction set-ups



Take it from the R&D division: every material has a different character and specificities, whether mechanical or physical. Getting to the heart of (the) matter is an important part of its work…
Part of the Quality Management System, the R&D division is ISO/CEI 17025/STS 230 accredited for physicochemical analysis of materials, corrosion testing, metallographic analysis and allergen release testing.

Composition analysis and identification of matter

  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Electron microscope EDX analysis
  • Atomic absorption spectroscope (AAS)
  • ICP-OES for precious metals
  • Carbon-sulphur analyser
  • Feritscope

Materials testing and characterisation

  • 0.5/50 kN traction machine
  • Vickers durometers(0.02 – 10 kg)
  • Profilometer
  • Foucault current ultrasound
  • Feritscope
  • Density (gravimetric method)
  • Electrical conductivity (4T sensing)
  • Development and adaptation of analysis and testing methods


  • Metallographic equipment (microscope, polishers, etc.)
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM) with EDX detecto

Heat treatments

Elaboration of experimental alloys


ISO/CEI 17025 certification


Building and maintaining machines is their business. The Engineering division purchases, develops, upgrades and services production machinery and peripherals. Its role is to ensure that each client has the means to manufacture complex parts, adapted to its needs.

The engineering division delivers cutting-edge services in the following fields :

  • Purchase, development and upgrading of production machinery and peripherals
  • Manufacture of wear parts and tools for production
  • Curative and preventive maintenance of PX GROUP production machinery and peripherals
  • Spare parts inventory management
  • In-house production of electrical distribution boards and controls, gas distribution boards, mechanical elements, metalwork, wood and plastic joinery, masonry and paintwork
  • Upgrading of machinery to safety standards
  • After-sales service for machines sold to third-party companies
  • Training of apprentice precision mechanic

It guarantees a highly competent and expert service thanks to : 

  • Its capacity for innovation, development and renewal
  • Its knowledge of cold deformation of metals
  • Its command of all technical aspects of maintenance
  • Its competitive offering in terms of cost, quality and deadline