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Precious metal refining and recycling

With its own foundry at its disposal, PX PRECINOX can offers its customers a high-performance waste treatment service, as well as meeting its own requirements. Monitoring of the recycling and refining operations ensures the responsiveness and autonomy essential to ensure optimal flow. PX PRECINOX makes a reliable, responsible and responsive partner for this type of treatment. For more than 40 years, the company has been the number one choice in Switzerland for refining precious metals industrial waste for waste reclamation.

From receipt of the material to delivery of the semi-finished or investment products, the official assaying laboratory measures the content of each precious element with a high degree of precision, before authenticating the fineness.


The recycling operations comprise melting the waste, incineration and ash preparation, chemical dissolving and other treatments tailored to each type of waste. The fineness of precious metal fineness is guaranteed by our official assaying laboratory.

Step 1
On receipt, your waste (cuttings, clean or unclean chips, old pieces, stone-set pieces, sweepings, cloths, filters, polishing waste, sludge, etc.) is weighed, identified, sorted and prepared for recycling, so as to provide the best waste treatment cost/reclamation value ratio.

Step 2
The cast undergoes initial treatment to obtain a homogeneous mass which will be weighed precisely, and have its fineness certified by the PX PRECINOX accredited official assaying laboratory.

Step 3
Refining is used to separate, recover and purify the precious metal content via various chemical and electro-chemical processes.

Step 4
On demand, the fine precious metals can be written to the weight account, or bought back on the last day of treatment.