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Tool development

From industry to watchmaking, as well as the medical and dental sectors, PX GROUP can offer a range of precision cutting tools tailored to all requirements. Thanks to the expertise of PX TOOLS, the group can call on know-how based on a combination of knowledge and experience. A composition enabling the group to offer its customers tailored solutions and precious customisation.



A varied range of top-end precision standard tools.

A specialist in customised precision tools, PX TOOLS also offers a highly comprehensive range of top-end standard tools.

  • Drills (spiral microdrills, crimping drills)
  • Locators (NC locators)
  • Reamers and boring inserts
  • Shank cutters (face cutters, ball-end cutters, roughing cutters)
  • Micro-cutters (short micro-cutters, ball-end micro-cutters, “TORX” precision micro-cutters)
  • Bevelling and etching machines (bevelling and chamfering cutters, etching cutters, 8-operation CNC tools)
  • Threading tools (drive-in taps, whirl cutters and threading cutters)
  • Collets and accessories (TGSX/P collets, clamping nuts), chucks, collet holders, tool holders, etc.


Thanks to its know-how and its cutting-edge equipment, PX TOOLS is able to design tools exclusively tailored to the requirements of its customers.


In addition to a wide range of standard products, every order comes with PX TOOLS’ expertise. Our catalogue (link)

  • Customised drills
  • Shaped cutters
  • Cutter saws
  • Threading tools (whirl cutters, taps, threading cutters…)
  • Tips and blades
  • Wearing parts and stamps (Torx, Allen…)
  • Chucks, collet holders (HSK)
  • Grinding wheels
  • Watchmaking tools
  • Connection tools