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From left to right : Mr Philippe Chave (PX Group), Mrs Elena Ansong (Ansong Askew), Mr Christophe Nicolet (PX Précinox), Mr James Askew (Ansong Askew)

The two Parties have signed an agreement with the aim of moving toward responsible gold sourcing with an unrivalled degree of traceability and transparency within the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) sector in Ghana.

The Parties will mutually benefit from PX Précinox’s extensive knowledge in gold ASM responsible sourcing with a specific focus on robust Due Diligence systems, and from Ansong Askew’s in-depth understanding of Ghana’s ecosystems and extensive, multi-stake network.

The Parties are joining forces with a common endeavor to address the intrinsic issues within Ghana’s Artisanal and Small-Scale gold Mining sector (ASM) with a commitment to develop inclusive and win-win solutions for all stakeholders.

About Ansong Askew
Ansong Askew is a UK Ghanaian organisation dedicated to transforming the small-scale mining sector in Ghana and Africa through innovative commercial partnerships. By bridging the gap between local small scale mines and international stakeholders, the company facilitates investments, training, and promotes traceability and compliance with international market requirements.

Ansong Askew sits on the UK Ghana Business Council and is the lead party on the MMISC project. The company adds value to its projects through a top tier network of leaders across Africa and the international market. Ansong Askew actively contributes to the development of sustainable and responsible mining practices, driving positive change for both the industry and local communities.

PX Précinox is a family owned LBMA-accredited precious metal Refiner catering for the watch and jewelry market in Europe. The company is known for its commitment toward Artisanal and Small-Scale gold Mining (ASM) and responsible sourcing through strategic partnerships with strong local footprint.

Thanks to its initiative, PX IMPACT®, PX Précinox sources and offer to its clients mercury-free and fully traceable precious metals of ASM origin while generating tangible impact to the mining communities. Thus, the company is a significant contributor to achieving the objectives of the Minamata Convention (demercurization) as well as several SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Future perspectives
After Ghana, the objective of both Parties is to reach out to other countries in Africa to establish a Guidance on Due Diligence processes and determine processes with the Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) for a responsible sourcing of precious metals.