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Colearnis is a powerful eLearning authoring tool developed by PXGroup, Switzerland. It is designed for creating interactive and engaging eLearning courses and content. It can be widely used in corporate training, education, and various instructional design contexts.

It offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced eLearning developers.

It can create a wide range of interactive elements, including quizzes, assessments, simulations, scenarios, and more. It supports drag-and-drop interactions, branching scenarios, interactivity and score reporting.

Visual and auditory elements in videos often lead to better retention and comprehension of the material. Complex or abstract concepts can be explained more effectively through visuals and real-world examples.

Colearnis offers analytics and tracking tools that allow organizations to monitor learners’ progress. This data can help identify areas where learners may be struggling and make necessary adjustments to the training content. This helps employees and employers gauge their own progress.

The tool follows a slide-based design approach, where you create individual slides, each representing a screen or a step in your eLearning module. It can be subtitled or dubbed into different languages, allowing companies to train a global workforce without significant language limitations.

Colearnis allows you to create responsive eLearning courses that adapt to various screen sizes and devices, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

The platform can be easily scaled to accommodate a growing workforce. New employees can access the same training materials as existing ones, making onboarding and ongoing training more efficient.

At Swiss Profile, various sections have successfully created numerous training modules which ranges from very technical procedures to simple steps of filling up a form. From the initial storyboard, video production, in-house editing and final validation, a complete training module can be done within a day if not less. The best part of all, Colearnis brings out the creativity of everyone in the company to contribute know how contents which benefits all.

Moving forward, Swiss Profile has allocated a training room equipped with audio-visual equipment, projectors, whiteboards, and other technological tools to facilitate effective teaching and learning. It offers a controlled, supportive, and interactive environment for effective learning and skill development.

The latest development in mobile applications where video clips captured could be transferred directly to the Colearnis Studio for further editing proved to be a huge advantage, it is such an efficient way to move files effortlessly. You can be on site while your editor is back in the editing room, working parallel to get things done swiftly.

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