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Precious metal tubes


The tubes are made without welding; they can be less than 1 mm in diameter to more than 40 mm, with a wall thickness varying from 0.08 mm to more than 5 mm. Deliverable in the form of straightened bars, parts, coils or reels, depending on the product.


Cored tubes represent a useful solution. They consist of a precious alloy tube filled with a steel, titanium or copper alloy core. These products are original solutions in the fields of watchmaking and jewellery.

Legislation on precious metals inspection recognises that a superior quality known as “gold crown” when the thickness reaches at least 200 µm, and enables the fineness to be marked if the thickness reaches at least 500 µm. Delivery in the form of straightened bars or parts.

Cored tubes filled with a copper alloy are advantageous for machining precision components. The copper alloy core can be chemically removed after machining by PX PRECINOX.


Precious metals based on gold, silver, platinum and palladium

Non-precious metals based on steel, copper, titanium

Other combinations on request