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Digital signage has been proven throughout the world to engage more viewers, improve productivity and maximize the potential of any revenue-making opportunities. Colorful and dynamic, it brings products and services to life, delivering fresh, up-to-the-minute information that is also usually contextually relevant.

Digital signage or as we at Swiss Profile renamed it as “Broadcast TV” is such a powerful tool because it can be implemented in numerous ways. Companies across almost every industry have utilized this technology in their locations to meet the unique demands of their customers.

Here at Swiss Profile, we emphasized on people centric contents such as safety & health, teamwork and distribute vital information such as daily production output and delivery performance. It has been proven to be extremely useful for the announcement of new implementation or revision of internal policies.

We have a small video production team producing our own video clips which are relevant to our working culture, an advantage that we are proud of.

There are endless digital signage benefits and possibilities for our space. We engaged a digital signage provider to help us explore the ways to use digital to inform, educate, and communicate with targeted personnel in the factory and office. We at Swiss Profile use Broadcast TV to inform personnel of new information releases, festive greetings, awards ceremonies, important announcements, sales, production output and customer feedbacks at the slightest time frame.

With digital signage, displays at strategic locations throughout the factory can all be changed at the same time from one remote location. If we want to announce an upcoming event or new regulation, we can create a new ad, confident that it will be deployed across all these locations at the same time with the exact look.

This is also important for employer branding purposes, where it’s essential that important information is repetitively broadcast to embed that information into the mass. Not lacking in our daily playlist are training modules, safety & health awareness, quality highlights and good practices such as 6S for our new recruits, which can be a refresher for our experienced personnel too. Prioritizing these subjects in a factory environment is not only essential for the well-being of employees but also for the success of the company.

We also use Broadcast TV to make our factory floor a desirable place to work. It is already proven to benefit employee’s productivity. In a recent survey, less than half of frontline employees feel heard at their workplace. By using digital signage, we can demonstrate that we care.

Congratulating an employee for their work, wishing another a happy birthday, thanking them for their long service or encouraging employee well-being can better hold your employees into the organization. Well-informed personnel are likely to be satisfied with their job. Maintaining employee satisfaction is crucial by being informative, ensuring a higher retention rate.

Broadcast TV also creates visibility for employers and employees. We all tend to work harder and better when we know the goals we’re working towards. Making the data of your production lines easy to digest and allow employees to take control of their own productivity achievements, all from a few screens on the walls and a simple reporting system from data we already have and use.