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From artisanal miners to jewelers, in quest of responsible, transparent, and ethical gold sourcing.

On August the 30th, PX Précinox, recognised company in the field of precious metal refining and alloy creation, opened its doors to a group of independent jewelers from Romandy, a French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Mr Christophe Nicolet, Director of PX Précinox SA began the event with a presentation, sharing essential information about responsible sources of gold.

PX Précinox offers not only recycled and re-processed gold from industrial Swiss and European waste, but also responsible artisanal gold from its own PX Impact® label, sourced from a processing plant in Peru, collaborating and working exclusively with independent miners.

This approach is seen as an exemplary alternative for those wishing to support a transparent and traceable artisanal mining activity while having a positive impact on local communities.

PX Précinox combines unique skills in terms of processing speed, flexibility, small batch sizes, high recovery rates and homogeneous alloys to meet the requirements of the watchmaking, jewellery and luxury goods industries.

The event also showcased 3P-Tech project, a method of additive printing in precious metals. This revolutionary technology opens up new creative perspectives for jewellers by eliminating the traditional limits of jewellery manufacturing. Participants had the unique opportunity to see a concrete example of this technology with the live printing of a 5N gold jewel.

Mrs Marianne Brillat, R&D Project Manager at PXGroup shared details of the 3P-Tech project, arousing keen interest among participants. The fruitful exchanges throughout the day created an environment conducive to learning and sharing know-how.

“We are delighted to have been able to bring together creative minds and committed professionals at this unique event,” said Mr Christophe Nicolet. “At PX Précinox, we believe in the importance of innovation and ethics in our industry. We are proud of our responsible gold initiatives and our commitment to responsible and ethical production.”

On the strength of the quality of the discussions and the positive feedback from participants, PX Précinox plans to repeat this type of event in the futureen