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The primary objective of any business is to satisfy the customer. Based on this premise, operational excellence makes the customer the core of all value chains, from the sourcing of raw materials and the delivery of the finished product to the well-being and recognition of all the stakeholders involved. This is an integral part of the business strategy. With this in mind, PX Group SA has begun to deploy the PhoeniX project, which will eventually lead to optimised work processes.

 First phase of the project: an efficient working environment

The application of the 5S method is part of this initial phase of the project and 5S is designed to optimise workspace conditions and environment through participatory management at all hierarchical levels.

In terms of challenges, it focuses on an orderly working environment where the right questions can be asked, applying visual management wherever possible in the company, self-assessment, encouragement, simplification and rewarding success.

It is divided into 5 implementation stages:

  • Sort, clear, eliminate (SEIRI)… sort according to how often it is needed
  • Tidy away (SEITON)… in a specific place so it can be found easily
  • Clean (SEISO)… to detect anomalies and premature wear
  • Organise & standardise (SEIKETSU)… define the rules to make it an obvious process
  • Respect (SHITSUKE)… the rules to maintain high standards

Second phase of the project: focus on the five ZEROs concept by getting it right the first time

Getting it right the first time is the main reason for implementing the Five Zeros concept, with the ultimate aim of catalysing Contained Improvement methods. The method is based on progressing through five stages:

  • ZERO DEFAULT: limit defects and returns, reduce scrap and reworking, in short, do it right the first time – visualise the problems & look for the causes
  • ZERO DELAY: optimise processes into a loop to serve the customer with the shortest possible lead time, whatever the order
  • ZERO FAILURE: accelerate preventive maintenance – reduce corrective costs
  • ZERO PAPER: drastically reduce the amount of paper in circulation
  • ZERO STOCK: keeping stocks as lean as possible

This second phase is complemented by the TEMPO project, which consists, in the long term, of maintaining better control over production times/halts through automatic acquisition and analysis of time spent, tooling times, maintenance times, etc.

With its operational excellence approach, PX Group SA is committed to optimising its management and workflow processes on a daily basis for the benefit of all its partners and clients.