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Today, more than ever, the challenges of corporate responsibility do not stop at environmental considerations alone, but also encompass social responsibility in a world of inequalities and the impact of daily activity on both health and the societal framework. The companies involved know this and expect responsible and economically viable solutions from their partners. PX Précinox has successfully risen to this challenge by expanding its range of gold supply sources.

Sustainable 100% mercury-free gold, with maximum traceability and funding for social and environmental programmes is guaranteed via the PX Impact programme and the initiatives implemented by PX Précinox for the supply of artisanal gold.

Using these recognised initiatives, PX Précinox meets 80% of its customer needs with recycled and refined gold. From sources that have been validated through a due diligence process, sustainable and responsible gold is transported to and processed in the world-famous, modern facilities of La Chaux-de-Fonds.

Recognised for its long-standing expertise in this area, PX Précinox is unique in terms of processing speed, flexibility, small batch sizes, high recycling rates and fine metal homogeneity, capable of responding to all the requirements of the jewellery and watch industry as well as the luxury segment. Its products are characterised by high-quality alloys and complex forms that are produced to expert standards by the company’s hundred or so technicians and specialists.