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Swiss Profile welcomes a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for “Motion Tech” components

Swiss Profile is the Asian subsidiary of the PX Group and is based in Penang, Malaysia. It performs a wide range of activities and specialises in engineering and metallurgy. Recent investments totalling 1 million US dollars have enabled Swiss Profile to deploy additional high-performance capabilities for heat treatment, cutting, surface finishing and automated components on behalf of PX Group SA.

Optimised and innovative production capacities

Swiss Profile covers the entire value chain, from raw materials to finished components, including heat treatment and finishing. Thanks to its location and competitiveness, Swiss Profile enriches and compliments PX Group SA’s capabilities in agile and efficient production management.

300% increase in production capacity with a camera-based control system

The new production facility is equipped with a camera-based automated measurement and control system that has helped increase the production capacity of ball track components (Motion Tech) by 300%: the main components of linear guides and ball bearings. The system assures full control of components, successfully eliminating all irregularities, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Striving for excellence within a global market

By replacing time-consuming and labour-intensive manual finishing processes, Swiss Profile’s specialised teams and efficient production equipment result in significant cost savings for end customers. High-volume tribofinishing equipment is continually upgraded to fulfil global market requirements. Thanks to its location, Swiss Profile maintains close relationships with its regional and international partners by offering Asian flexibility and reactivity, combined with PX Group’s capacity for innovation and development. PX Precimet SA and Swiss Profile’s complementary skills and expertise enable PX Group SA to offer technological innovations and innovative supply chain and manufacturing solutions to industrial and retail market customers.


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