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Customer satisfaction remains our company’s primary objective. We believe that the key to achieving this is to aim for operational and organisational excellence within our organisation, as well as putting forward a development strategy that is both ambitious and realistic.

In 2024, PX Group is stepping up its commitment to social responsibility ESG (criteria Environmental, Social and Governance) , firmly aligning its actions with our core values and the growing expectations of our stakeholders. We are making substantial investments in order to put these principles into practice, including on a variety of new equipment designed to increase our production capacity, reduce the environmental impact of our metal transformation processes, and modernise our machinery.

Building on our reputation for mastering technically complex products, we recognise the need for more dynamic communication regarding our ability to make simpler products competitively. This initiative will strengthen our market position and broaden our business horizons.

Preserving our know-how is an absolute priority, supported by the introduction of the innovative Colearnis® system. Going beyond simply reducing the hidden costs associated with malfunctions, Colearnis® represents a strategic advance, optimising our internal processes for greater operational efficiency.

To sum up, our roadmap for 2024 is built around a strengthened ESG commitment, investments geared towards sustainability and modernisation, proactive communication on our versatility, and innovative solutions such as Colearnis® to preserve our know-how while ensuring optimal operational performance. These initiatives underline our determination to move towards a more sustainable and competitive company.

More than ever, the success of the PX Group will depend on its ability to operate as a responsible and empowering organisation, where each member plays a key role and actively contributes to the development of the company and to their own development.