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The popularity of our PX Impact® label continues to grow in the luxury watch and jewellery sector. PX Précinox offers socially and environmentally responsible gold, embodying the Group’s values through its environmentally-friendly approach and its family-feel. Through this initiative, PX Précinox offers a forward-thinking “win win” approach to customers and partners focused on the positive and sustainable impact on artisanal miners and their communities.

By supplying PX Impact® gold, PX Précinox is particularly honoured and proud to have thus been able to contribute to the creation of a limited edition watch from the NORQAIN brand, Wild One Gold 42mm ,which is already sold out!

NORQAIN explains its choice:

Why did you choose PX Impact® for your collection?

We chose PX Impact® for our collection because of its commitment to the traceability and transparency of precious metals. NORQAIN places great importance on the ethical and responsible sourcing of the materials used in our products, and PX Impact® shares this fundamental value. Their innovative approach to traceability ensures that the precious metals used in our watches come from sustainable and ethical sources.

Are your customers sensitive to the traceability and transparency of precious metals?

Our customers very much care about the traceability and transparency of precious metals. They want to know that the products they buy are made ethically and with respect for the environment. By choosing PX Impact®, we can offer our customers peace of mind that our watches are made from the highest quality materials, while respecting our values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Is this part of your wider corporate strategy?

This choice aligns perfectly with our corporate strategy based on sustainability and ethics. At NORQAIN, we are committed to making choices that have a positive impact on the planet and the communities that inhabit it. Working with partners like PX Précinox enables us to put this commitment into practice by offering top-quality products manufactured sustainably.

The PX Impact® Initiative is built around 3 pillars:

1.Guaranteeing responsible gold: the partnership and collaboration with artisanal mines (ASMs) linked with the provision of resources, skills and know-how of PX Précinox and Dynacor Gold make it possible to implement mercury-free extraction processes, obtain greater available quantities, implement an economically viable bonus payment, and ensure traceability throughout the chain.

2. Contributing to sustainable and responsible impact: implementation of a PX Impact® fund to support and develop ASMs, improve the working conditions of miners and develop social, economic and environmental initiatives by taking concrete action at local level via the Fidamar Association. Collaboration with all stakeholders involved enables transparency free from intermediaries.

3.Building and developing a network of committed key partners: collaboration between small-miners’ organisations, the Dynacor Gold ore processing plant, the refiner PX Précinox and Impact customers enable framework conditions to be implemented ensuring responsible gold, segregated gold recycling flows, comprehensive traceability and tailored socio-economic support at local level.