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To attest to their nobility, the mini-ingots are issued with a fineness certificate: 999.9 fine gold. Featherweights weighing 1 to 100 grams, made from stamped 999.9 fine gold. Each product is sold in a sealed package with a certificate of authenticity, approved by the PX PRECINOX official assaying laboratory, LBMA certified. Whether as a protective fall-back, memento or collectable, mini-ingots make for a secure investment.


With SWISSITUDE, PX GROUP sets the tone. Its collection of mini-ingots display their 100 % Helvetic identity, through national icons. The Poya, The Pont de Lucerne and The Saint-Bernard are the first three effigies available in four to seven different formats, from 1 to 100 grams. Getting your hands on a little piece of Switzerland has never been so easy, providing a memento worth its weight in gold.

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Why not support the fund while also having fun? Here’s how. PX PRECINOX has created gold mini-ingots, available for sale. Besides their qualities as a gift, collectable or investment, they also aid the fund.

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Barded with PX, the PX INVEST ingot is the investment product branded PX PRECINOX.

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The firm puts its know-how at the disposal of companies, foundations, associations or individuals wishing to design a custom mini-ingot for an jubilee, anniversary or as a memento of a special occasion.

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