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New 3D printing technology now available at PX

PX Dental and its French subsidiary are now part of the prestigious EnvisionTec distributor network, a world leader in 3D printing. Discover the new high-performance D4K Pro printer enabling the toughest requirements to be met.

D4K Pro: desktop printer combining power and productivity

Designed for intensive, round-the-clock use, D4K Pro is the latest addition to the range and offers unique opportunities in the high-performance field thanks to the 4K DLP industrial projector.
The build envelope measures 148mm x 83mm x 110mm and adapts to a wide range of applications.
Advantages of the compact D4K Pro are two-fold: high efficiency and excellent productivity. Developed to meet demanding production requirements, the design responds to requirements for high precision over a large printing area. The D4K Pro’s 80W 385nm LED projector guarantees flawless printing results.

Solid build quality

The printer’s solid construction and cDLM printing technology make it the perfect candidate for mass production of parts. Dual guiding ensures high stability during the printing process. Impressive production efficiency reduces expenses and material consumption while also decreasing the amount of assistance required by 75%, significantly optimising efficiency and profitability.

The D4K PRO is available in 3 versions: industrial (D4K PRO INDUSTRIAL), jewellery (D4K PRO JEWELRY) and dental (D4K PRO DENTAL).

Envision One RP – Ultra-fast software

Envision One Rapid Prototype (RP) software creates simplified, faster and more efficient production. The software takes 3D models and converts them into files that can printed using the 3D printer. Simply design your model in standard CAD software and import the STL file into Envision One RP. All you have to do is prepare your template for printing by clicking a button, upload it to your printer in a few seconds, and let it take care of the rest.

Innovative materials

One of the key advantages of the D4K is that it can be used with a wide range of resins, representing a substantial advantage according to user requirements.

EnvisionTEC selects materials developed by leading resin manufacturers and pairs  them with the D4K to create optimal application parameters. The use of machine-matched materials ensures exceptionally accurate print results. As a result, strict requirements in terms of precision, reliability and productivity can be fulfilled.