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PX TECHNOLOGY specializes in very small-diameter rings and tubes machined from precious metals. This unit of PX PRECIMET SA is experiencing strong growth and its products are exported all over the world.

A division of PX PRECIMET SA, PX TECHNOLOGY specializes in the manufacture of very small-diameter tubes and rings in precious metals. The company develops innovative solutions in the form of semi-finished products, components or complex assemblies. Parts with outside diameters from 0.3 to 4mm, thick walls from 0.025 to 0.25mm and lengths from 0.3 to 12mm, in metals or alloys such as platinum, platinum-iridium10, fine gold, palladium-silver, etc. Intended for cutting-edge fields such as medical devices, instrumentation, hydrogen purification or aeronautics, these parts are delivered polished, deburred and cleaned.

PX TECHNOLOGY products are exported worldwide (USA, China, India, France, Germany, Israel, etc.). The company is growing fast, and its team is set to expand from 12 to 18 employees by 2022. Production volumes have thus increased from four million rings per year to eight million by 2022. The aim is to exceed ten million by 2023, which will require major investment in equipment.

3D design, tooling, prototypes and qualification tests are carried out by the department, in collaboration with PXGROUP’s R&D department and external research institutes. Manufacturing processes are flexible. Means and methods of control and analysis are used to guarantee product quality and safety. For this purpose, the company can call on the analysis services of PXGROUP and a network of external laboratories.